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AquaCure AC50

Our MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly Hydrogen Rich Water and HydrOxy for Health Machine


AquaCure AC50 Benefits

Browns Gas Therapy

The AquaCure AC50 is a hydrogen generator that produces up to 50 litres per hour of a bio-available high energy gas called HydrOxy (Browns Gas) used by the body to;

  • heal disease
  • cure wounds
  • reverse the symptoms of aging
HydrOxy consists of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen, is made from water, and is also known as Browns Gas, BG, OxyHydrogen or HHO. It is the best known non-toxic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with anti-apoptic (cell health) and cytoprotective (cell protection) properties.

Australian Research Professor Yull Brown was a famous innovator in the field of the electrolysis of water to produce browns gas as it become known as in the 1970 to 1996 period. 

He was originally working on water as a fuel to power motor vehicles, and it was in the 1990s that George Wiseman, the inventor of the AquaCure became interested in Browns gas during his own research into vehicle fuel savers which was his business at the time.

The machines being sold by Yull Brown were at the time about $300K, and George applied his own knowledge to come up with a more economical and far more efficient model which at the time was about $3000 for his own customers.

Yull Brown

In 1996, one of George's customers for some reason decided to use browns gas to treat a melanoma on his forehead. What he did was bubble the browns gas through water, then he soaked a cotton ball in the water, put it in a plastic cap and taped it onto the melanoma. He changed it several times a day, and after 3 weeks, the melanoma was entirely gone. George not initially believing this put this information out as another possible untested use for Browns Gas and there were a number of other people who gave it a try on a variety of health conditions which were reported with similar healing results.

The melanoma experiment was replicated in a hospital in Germany using the AquaCure machine, where a patient had a very large melanoma on his head (although in this case they put a shower cap on the patient and then injected browns gas under the cap), and in 3 weeks it was entirely gone. Studies were pursued with the belief it was the high pH in the water leading to the healing effect, but it was proven that the hydrogen was in fact the healing component. Since this time, there have been nearly 2000 scientific studies on hydrogen for health.

A number of George's customers wrote to him asking if they could breath the browns gas. There were many consuming it by bubbling it through water but they wanted to know if breathing it was safe. After seeing a photo of a browns gas bar in Korea where people could go in and pay to breath the gas, George decided to try it to check the safety in breathing the gas for himself. He realized it was safe as a hydrogen air mixture of less than 4% is not combustible. He then acquired a cannula with nasal prongs, which is inserted into both nostrils to breath the browns gas and after a long period of time (3 weeks) he observed health gains as described below.

George Wiseman

So (with me after I started Brown’s Gas inhalation) the first thing I noticed after 3 weeks was my psoriasis disappeared. The skin simply pealed away like a snake shedding its skin and underneath was baby smooth skin. In the months that followed, my heart and eyes healed (organs that were struggling).  I’d had a heart murmur, wore glasses for 50 years and In more recent years I’d lost the feeling in the palm of my left hand and on both shins (neuropathies). Now my heart murmur is gone, I don’t wear glasses anymore and I have full feeling back in my hand and legs. Then my warts (a virus) disappeared. 

My immune systems got strong enough to kick out hand warts and a planter’s wart I had on my foot.  So my immune systems came back online. And then my scars (which are patches instead of healing) disappeared as a result of stem cell production starting again in my body…  THAT was a WOW moment… Because to do that meant that (even though I’m over 60 years old) my body’s stem cells have been reactivated! My tinnitus has also virtually disappeared. My hair has stopped falling out of my head (alopecia) and there is some signs of regrowth in my bald area. I sprained my shoulder quite badly when impaling fence pickets into the ground and expected my shoulder would take 3 weeks to heal. I was inhaling browns gas at the time and it too 3 DAYS for my shoulder to completely heal!

- George Wiseman

About Us

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and safe HydrOxy electrolyzer, pioneered by George Wiseman. After extensive testing on plants, animals, birds and fish, Wiseman designed an electrolyzer that could be safely used on humans, and had the ability to heal a vast array of ailments.

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