AquaCure AC50

Our MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly Hydrogen Rich Water and HydrOxy for Health Machine


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Manufactured and Assembled in the USA​

AquaCure AC50

Certified Manufacturer and Parts supplier of George Wiseman's AquaCure AC50 ​

The AquaCure AC50 is our MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly Hydrogen Rich Water and HydrOxy Machine. 

It is developed from 30 years of electrolyzer research and development along with continued feedback from thousands of customers. 

AquaCure AC50 works directly with George Wiseman the inventor, who has over 30 years experience building the world’s most practical, safe and optimized HydrOxy Electrolyzers.

AquaCure AC50 has set the gold standards for others to follow.

The AquaCure AC50 has additional features our customers were asking for:

✅ Like easy and accurate electronic user-adjustable gas volume and an hour meter.
✅ We added a Tower Cap which makes the AquaCure AC50 simpler to use and even more reliable.

The AquaCure AC50 is a practical, reliable and SAFE HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that is designed to give you decades of trouble free service.  

We have a 1 year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

Please Note: There is a $200.00 restocking fee for all returns of the AquaCure AC50.


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AquaCure AC50 Made In USA

Why Use AquaCure AC50?

  • AquaCure AC50 Hydrogen Benefits
    Benefits Of Hydrogen

    • Improve joint discomfort
    • Improve cognitive function and focus
    • Increase energy levels
    • Improve sleeping patterns
    • Support healthy weight management
    • Have better skin health and tone
    • Boost internal antioxidant level
    • Enhance athletic performance
    • Decrease recovery time
    • Promote cellular health
    • Hydrate at the cellular level
    • The list goes on and on!

  • AquaCure AC50 Hydrogen Benefits Girl
    How Hydrogen Works Within The Body

    Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. It’s the only antioxidant that can access the mitochondria and cell nucleus. Unlike conventional, larger antioxidants, H₂ passes through the cell membrane, so it can provide its benefits immediately.

    Molecular hydrogen supports the body’s ability to maintain a condition of balance. It neutralizes harmful free radicals and boosts the internal antioxidant system. This keeps oxidative stress low, supports homeostasis, and decreases chance of disease.

    Since its only byproduct is water, molecular hydrogen is 100% safe. As a result, the benefits of molecular hydrogen tablets include zero exposure to toxins and zero chance of overdose.


The AquaCure AC50 can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of special mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases.

This is about 833 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen.

This specific mixture of gasses has MANY trade names like Brown’s Gas and HHO.

For the purpose of AquaCure we’ll call this gaseous mixture HydrOxy.

Why would you want the AquaCure over all the other hydrogen options in the marketplace? People who do the research and comparison have no problem seeing that the AquaCure surpasses all other options for SAFE and practical use… And is less costly than many alternatives that do not have the same safety or functional features.

The AquaCure can be used continuously with minimal maintenance
(just add pure water as needed and rinse it about once every 100 hours)

We focused our attention on achieving optimum safety, effectiveness, user-friendliness and durability while keeping the cost as low as possible.

The AquaCure is built to worldwide industrial and safety standards.

Hydrogen Benefits AquaCure AC50

Included With Your Order

AquaCure AC50 Package

1. Basic Setup and Operation Manual
(updates, upgrades, videos and additional information will be in the online AquaCure Resources).
2. Tower Cap (with check valve installed) + regular cap for shipment.
3. 1 of Humidifier + Humidifier attachment hose and Humidifier Holding Bracket (screws onto side of AquaCure for convenience)
4. Medium (1 liter) Water Bubbler
+ 4 foot Humidifier to Water Bubbler attachment hose
So you can set up to infuse your water AT THE SAME TIME as safely using the gas.
5. Additional bubbling stone
So that you can bubble the HydrOxy into other containers of water, including baths, etc.
6. 1 of Soft Silicone HydrOxy Spot Applicator
7. 1 of 7 foot Accessory hose
(for above Spot Applicator and remote bubbling stone)
8. Tee Kit, so that the gas can be split between two (applicable) applications.
9. 1 of 50 mL syringe; to fill the AquaCure with water.
10. 1 of safety Goggles
11. 1 pair of Nitrile Gloves
12. AquaCure Wash Cloth to catch drips
13. A Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter, to test the Distilled water you are putting into the Humidifier and AquaCure, The water needs to be PURE for optimal gas production and machine longevity.
14. An initial ‘Solution Fill’ funnel to help prevent drips.

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The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and safe HydrOxy electrolyzer, pioneered by George Wiseman. After extensive testing on plants, animals, birds and fish, Wiseman designed an electrolyzer that could be safely used on humans, and had the ability to heal a vast array of ailments.

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PLEASE NOTE: For LEGAL REASONS we need to state up front that the AquaCure AC50 is NOT defined as a MEDICAL DEVICE by the FDA and therefore we cannot legally recommend it for human use.

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